Bero Computers is a whole-solutions provider of IT services. We pride ourselves with our provision of complete packages to our clients all over Uganda, and this greatly defines who we are.

Bero Computers, has operated for ten years (Since 2004). We have provided IT Support services to several organizations in Northern Uganda, Eastern, Western and Central as well. We have several clients in South Sudan.


To become a global entity and talk of the world and help preach the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ


To have a long list of satisfied clients who form our biggest family members


  • To bring modern IT solutions to Africa
  • To expand and cover the whole of Uganda
  • To develop a strong relationship with our clients
  • To expand and cover Africa and the World as a whole
  • To reduce the cost of Internet access in Africa to its bare minimum
  • To train and maintain an elite family of IT persons who provide unique services
  • To become and remain a standard by which all other IT firms measure themselves