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Promotion! – Branded e-learning platform for your school

Promotion! – Branded e-learning platform for your school

Good morning members,
Many schools and teachers have been struggling with how to teach their children during the lockdown and beyond. At very reasonable prices, I offer the following:

  • A moodle platform installed on your own website/domain (free domain available with this package)
    • Notes, videos and other resources can be put here
    • Tests and Assignments can be created and administered
    • Secure exam environment available for remote exams
    • Several interactive options to enhance learning like quizzes, polls, forums, chat rooms, group interactions, etc.
  • A connection to BigBlueButton at affordable monthly fees depending on the number of courses.
    • A video conferencing platform for interactive lessons
    • A whiteboard for illustrations and presentations for better learning
    • Polls that can be taken at any time
    • You can record your learning sessions so that students who miss the lesson can follow later on
    • Chat and shared notes available
    • Etc
  • Training on how to use Moodle and Big Blue button
  • Optional connection to a Jitsi Video Conferencing platform available.

All these services are already online and currently being used. Please contact me for details on how you can access these services.

Samuel Avola Mungujakisa
CEO, Bero Computers – SkillToCash
+256 780 585 402

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