I saw an article today in the daily monitor on how a bank in Entebbe caught fire that was caused by a computer. For those interested, read the article here.

  1. Perform regular servicing of all patek philippe replica watches computers. Dust is very dangerous to computers, since they can cause fires by creating minute short-circuits on the mother board, thus generating heat.
  2. Make sure the computer has enough air to “breathe”. Yes, a computer needs proper air circulation in order to cool itself. Some new CPUs don’t need this per-se, but it’s still important. So avoid covering your computer with a cloth while working, and make sure nothing blocks the openings that exist on your computer.
  3. Switch off your computer when not in use for a long period like overnight unless you are sure it has proper cooling. If you have noticed patek philippe replica server rooms, they are usually air-conditioned to be at a cold temperature in order to avoid overheating and causing fire. Servers of necessity mostly stay on 24/7 and is thus cooled. Unless you need your personal computer to continue performing a task in the night, switch it off.
  4. Watch what “Closing your computer lid” does. At the end of the cartier replica watches day, some people are known to just close their laptops and pack it in a bag ready to go home. Make sure that in power options, the computer either “sleeps” or goes ino “hibernation”. Some computer settings are on “do nothing” on closing the lid. A computer that is on and in a bag is prone to catching fire.

The above hints are not absolute, there are still other reasons why a computer can catch a fire, for example if you use it as a candle stand. The good news is, most cartier replica motherboards come equiped with a sensor that detects when the computer is overheating and switches it off instantly. This can lead to a host of other issues, but causes relative safety.

That’s all for now! Thanks for being part of the Bero Computers Family!